Legendary Famous 2009 Free ROBLOX ACCOUNT! [3,000,000 VISITS 4K ROBUX 200K+ RAP]

Today we will post this a Famous Legendary ROBLOX Account made back in 2009. When ROBLOX was still the BEST.
I think 3/4 of the limiteds are probably off-sale.

The reason i give it for free because i do not have any time to manage the account.

What it has:

– Over 3 Million Place Visits. (Roblox won’t show the actual visits from the hidden/deactivated places)
– 4K Robux.
– 50K Tickets. (Before ROBLOX removed the tickets, you can still recover it in exchange for ROBUX)
– 200K RAP.
– Lots of OFFSALE Hats.
– Lots of OFFSALE Gear.
– Lots of OFFSALE Faces.
– This account had BC thrice, OBC once.
– Lots of Decals. (Some of them no longer free)
– Lots of Models. (Some of them no longer free)
– Lots of Famous Places. (Yes, even some classic famous ones, I kept some copies in some older versions)
– Lots of Clothing.
– Lots of Limiteds like JJ5X5’s White Top Hat, Mr. Fancy Skeleton, Blizzaria: The Frozen, and more.
– Numerous Badges.
– Famous Places.
– Over 3200 Followers

Account Screenshot

Claim Instructions

Click Here to See this Roblox Login Info

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